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Lighting Resources Page
Here are some documents relating to our lighting system.
It's our intention to keep them updated
New 29 August 2018
I've installed the latest software update and also added a new Groups-Preset-2D Plan View following feedback at the training.
Details are here: Word version - PDF Version
Updated Show Data is here. Please note they're now called ONYXSHOW Files and not Maxxzy.
All patched fixtures are now on the 2D Plan.

I've also added some short videos on You Tube
1. Creating Groups
2. Creating Presets
3. Creating a Pan Tilt Preset
4. Creating a Cuelist
5. Editing a Cuelist (Part 1) - re-naming, changing fade times
6. Inserting a Reset Cue
7. Editing a Cuelist (Part 2) - changing fixture data
24 August 2018
Training Booklet : Word version - PDF version
Lighting Checklist : Excel version - PDF version
DMX Data sheet : Excel version - PDF version
To download the Show Data used for training right click here and then "save link as" to save the file to your computer (Windows only).

Helpful Links
For MPC Support page click here
For MPC Official You Tube Channel click here
For Learn Stage's You Tube Channel click here
To download the latest MPC software to your computer click here
To download the latest fixture library click here

Click on image to open manuals
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