an Improbable Farce
Noël Coward
Directed by David Huxley

We presented this comedy at Theatr Colwyn on 15 and 16 January 2010.

Successful author Charles Condomine and his wife, Ruth, have invited Madame Arcati, a noted medium, to join them for dinner and a séance.  The Condomines and their other guests, Dr and Mrs Bradman, are extremely sceptical and amused by the prospect of the evening.

How wrong they were!

The cast of Blithe Spirit

The Condomines

Elvira and Charles

Cast in order of their appearance:-

Edith (a maid)                         Shirley Betts
Ruth Condomine                     Andrea Higgins
Charles Condomine                Derek Owen
Doctor Bradman                     Geoff Edkins
Mrs Bradman                         Judith Roberts
Madame Arcarti                      Joan Smith
Elvira                                      Sue Buckley
Daphne (Voice of)                  Hannah Louise Davies

Director                                   David Huxley
Prompt                                    Wendy Tout Hughes
Lighting                                  Ted Reece
Assistant                                 Les Hodgetts
Sound                                     Roma Beaumont
Set                                          Steve Jones, Les Hodgetts,
                                               Brian  Boorman, Tom Mather, Derek Owen   
Stage Manager                      Tom Mather
Properties and                       Sam Highcock, Andy
Stage Crew                            Hutchings, Sharon Huxley,
                                               Andrew Stables, Cath Williams
Front of House                       Bryn Jones
Publicity                                 Judith Roberts

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