Blood Brothers (Play Version)
by Willy Russell 

performed on
7,8 & 9 November 2018
at Theatr Colwyn

Directed by Landon Sweeney

Twin brothers, Mickey and Edward, are separated at birth as their mother cannot afford to keep them both. Raised only streets apart in the heart of Liverpool, the boys' lives take two very different paths. However, following a chance meeting, the pair form an unlikely friendship. But what will happen if they ever find out the secret of their shared history? 
Mickey and Eddie
Mickey and Eddie - photo by Chris Jackson of Captivating Images Photograhy
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Eddie - Andrew Shaw
Mickey - Ben Huxley
Mrs Johnston - Sharon Huxley
Mrs Lyons - Sue Buckley
Linda - Paula Gregory
Narrator - David Huxley
Milkman/Doctor - Geoff Edkins
Policeman - Landon Sweeney
Johnston Kid/Factory Worker - Lisa Wingate
Johnston Kid/Factory Worker - Joan Smith
Johnston Kid/Factory Worker/Marilyn Monroe - Shirley Betts

Production Team
Director - Landon Sweeney
Produced by Colwyn Abbey Players
Stage Manager - Tom Hutin
ASM - Addie Davies
Furntiure, Props and Costumes - Colwyn Abbey Players
Sound - Roma Beaumont
Prompt - Wendy Tout Hughes
Poster Design - David Butlin
Printing & Programme - Chris Betts

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