The Cagebirds
David Campton

Directed by Helen Garner

Colwyn Abbey Players entered this production in the Conwy Festival of One Act Plays presented by the
Drama Association of Wales (DAW) and performed the play at Church House, Glan Conwy on 24 March 2018.  

We will be performing the play at the Leverhulme Drama Festival at the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight on 23 April 2018

Five women and one man live in a locked room, each absorbed in their own petty interest and in
placating the 'Mistress' who takes care of them.  Then a 'Wild One' is thrust in among them.
She talks of breaking out of the room to find freedom.  She troubles the others who remain secure
in their cage, and they all join against her in the shattering conclusion to this play.
The Long-Tongued Gossip
The Mirror-Eyed Gazer
The Medicated Gloom
The Regular Thump
The Constant Twitting
The Great Guzzler
The Wild One
The Mistress

Production Team
Lighting & Sound

Sue Buckley
Lisa Wingate
Jayne Jones
Eifion Blease
Joan Smith
Shirley Betts
Sharon Huxley
Claire Eaton-Hughes

Helen Garner
Wendy Tout Hughes
Geoff Edkins

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