Goodnight Mr Tom

Book and Lyrics by
Michelle Magorian
based on her novel of the same title
Music (and additional lyrics) by
Gary Carpenter

performed on
11- 12 September 2015
at Theatr Colwyn

Directed by Sam Highcock

A musical version of Michelle Magorian’s award-winning book, regarded as a modern classic. It is the story of William Beech, an artistically-gifted but abused young boy who escapes his brutal home life when he is evacuated to the countryside during World War II. He is ultimately rescued from his hideous upbringing when he is taken into the care of Mister Tom, a lonely old man. With Gary Carpenter’s soaring, tuneful score and Michelle Magorian’s beautiful lyrics, this is a wonderful, ultimately uplifting show which will appeal to young and old alike.

Tom Oakley
William Beech
Zacharius Wrench
Mrs Martha Beech
Dr Nancy Little
Peggy Ffoulkes
Carrie Thatcher
Ginnie Thatcher
George Fletcher
Miss Emilia Thorne
Mr Anthony Peters & Warden
Miss Annie Hartridge
Mr Charlie Ruddles
Dog & Soldier
PC Frank Butler
PC Hilton
Nurse Hudson
Sister Masters
Mr Stelton
Nurse Adams
Winnie Smith
Passenger on bus
Rescue Worker
Mrs Jones
Ivy White
Mrs Bumble
Ticket Collector
Albert Smith
Dickie White
Zach's Mother
Zach's Father

Production Team
Musical Director
Assisted by
Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Stage Crew

David Huxley
Aaron Spencer
Piers Fortin
Simone Baldwin
Sharon Huxley
Helen Garner
Elin Haf Jones
Aimee Butler
Charlie Austin
Sue Buckley
James Owen
Joan Smith
Gareth Williams
Molly Howard
Jamie Toffrey
Karen Rees Davies
Harrison Jones
Anthony Sullivan
Gracie Noakes
Lisa Wingate
Calum Noakes
Jemma Owens
Leanne Richards
Lyndsay Smith
Kathryn Williams
Daniel Williams
Phoebe Rees Evans
Denise Ward
Deon Gorle
Emily Highcock
Manda Austin
Shirley Betts
Danielle Gorle
Oliver Williams
Will Austin
Angharad Jones
Jack Austin
Emily Highcock
Deon Gorle

Sam Highcock
Peter Williams
Geoff Edkins
Tom Buckley
Anthony Howard
Sian Davies
Kieran Bold
Elliot Roberts
Dawn Muckley
Georgina Norman
Tom French

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