by Tony Burgess

performed on
28 June 2019
at The Church House, Glan Conwy

Directed by Andrew Shaw
In the small Canadian town of Pontypool, Grant Mazzy hosts his daily talk radio show. Truly shocking news slowly filters in from the outside world, Grant and his team try and get more details of what has happened, but the world has fallen silent....

Grant Mazzy - David Huxley
Syndey Briar - Andrea Higgins
Laurel Ann Drummond - Addie Davies
Ken Loney - Landon Sweeney
Dr John Mendez - Ellis Griffith Morey
Nigel Healing - Ben Huxley
Other voices - Andrew Shaw, Paula Gregory and members of the cast

Production Team

Director - Andrew Shaw
Lighting and Sound - Geoff Edkins
Prompt - Ben Huxley
Set Desgin - Ellis Griffith Morey
Make Up - Andrew Shaw
Graphic Design - David Butlin

Laurel Ann Drummond, Grant Mazzy and
John Mendez (with Sydney Briar hidden)

Grant Mazzy, Sydney Briar
and John Mendez

Laurel Ann Drummond, Grant Mazzy,
Sydney Briar and John Mendez

Backstage with Addie (Laurel Ann)
and Landon (Ken Loney)

Backstage with Addie (Laurel Ann)
and Andrew (Director)

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