The Young Abbey Players

by arrangement with Vallier Music
A musical play by
Darren Vallier &
Richard Lindfield

performed on
Friday 5 and Saturday 6 September 2008
at Conwy Civic Hall

Directed by Sam Highcock
Assisted by Gaynor Highcock

Eve, an evacuee from the second world war, goes back to the place she once called home.  We are taken through the story of her time there, exploring the love she finds and the sacrifices she makes.

Cast in order of appearance
Jill Collins                    Mandy Lomas
Eve Collins                  Emily Highcock
Evie Gander                Charlotte Hindley
Peter Kesselman         Joel Miles
Freida Kesselman        Claire Castle

Otto Kesselman           Tom Daniel Buckley
Violet Gander               Sarah Wilkinson
Ted Duval                    Dan Jones
Billy Gander                 Jack Morris
WVS Lady                    Ffion Foggo
Cheadle                       Lauren Price
Her Ladyship               Ellie Buckley
Rose Earnshaw           Helen O'Reilly
Jack Earnshaw            Dan Jones
Beverly                        Sam Highcock
Colonel Sprake            Vicente Solera-Deuchar
Constable                    Harry Robinson
Men from the Ministry  
Vicente Solera-Deuchar
                                    Sam Highcock
Kid 1                            Lucy Slater
Kid 2                            Joel Crane
Kid 3                            Tom French

Evacuees/Country Children
Amy Parisella, Ellie Howarth, Sian Davies, Lucy Jones, Olivia Wilmore, Stephen Newins, Georgia Foggo, Ben Foggo

Joan Smith, Jayne Jones, Andrea Higgins, Sharon Huxley, Sue Buckley, Andy Hutchins, David Huxley

Musical Director         Geoff Edkins
Drums                        Tom Hindley
Choreography            Ellie Buckley

Lighting Design          Ted Reece
Follow Spot                Cath Williams
Sound                        Callum
Stage Manager          Joan Reece
Wall/Signs                 Steve Jones
Costumes                  Joan Smith and Sue Buckley
Gas Masks                Tanya Morris
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