Tonto Evans
A comedy by
Frank Vickery 

performed on
Friday 11 and Saturday 12 November 2011
at Conwy Civic Hall

Directed by Andy Hutchings and Wendy Tout Hughes

Ray "Tonto" Evans, ex-miner, country and western fanatic, given to dressing up as a Native American, feathered headdress and all, has come into money.  He dreams of visiting the Wild West and eating beans by the campfire.  But Mair, his long-suffering wife of 30 years, has other ideas.

They wrangle non-stop, while thiner son and his dozy wife prepare for a trip to Disneyland with their share of the windfall.  But all their plans are put on hold by a murder inquiry conducted by the other son who happens to be the overly enthusiastic local plod.  Where will it all end? And "How"?

Ray "Tonto" Evans - David Huxley
Mair - Sue Buckley
Pat - Clare Eaton-Hughes
Wayne - Sam Highcock
Wendy -
Kat Hewish
John - Geoff Edkins

Production Team
Directors - Andy Hutchings and Wendy Tout Hughes
Stage Manager - Don Milne
Prompt - Wendy Tout Hughes
Properties - Shirley Betts and Joan Smith
Sound - Roma Beaumont
Lights - Sian Davies
Front of House - Bryn Jones
Publicity - Judith Roberts, Gaynor Highcock and Emily Highcock
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