What Have I Done to Deserve This?
A one act play by
Margaret Kynaston

performed on
Friday 24 March 2015
at Church House, Glan Conwy

Directed by Helen Garner

Set in a seaside town at a Dusty Springfield Convention, two couples: Des and Ann Pullen and John and Olive Cook meet up to enjoy the weekend but Ann has a secret that she's both desperate and reluctant to share. Their stay is not exactly enhanced by their fearsome, Health and Safety obsessed landlady, Mrs O'Dell and the dippy chambermaid, Yvonne. Comedy and tragedy combine. Dusty Springfield's timeless music plays throughout until the devastating climax.

Olive Cook
Ann Pullen
John Cook
Des Pullen
Mrs O'Dell

Stage Manager
Sue Buckley
Sharon Huxley
David Huxley
Geoff Edkins
Joan Smith
Lisa Wingate

Ian Forbes
Sam Highcock
Cath Williams

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