Wing It Dusty

by Teresa Hennesey

performed on
30 Macrh 2019
at The Church House, Glan Conwy

Directed by Ellie Montanaro
Wing It Dusty tells the story of Deirdre and Roni who make the perfect couple.....maybe.  Deirdre wishes Roni was Julie Andrews; Roni wishes Marni Nixon has dubbed Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.  They don't even have the same taste in music, except for the divine Dusty.  Both flawed, but comically grasping onto their world of reality by their fingernails in an attempt to help them get through the most important day of their lives.  Planning for their big day, they will make you laugh out loud, but there's  twist - and will they be left laughing?

Deirdre - Sue Buckley
Roni - Sharon Huxley

Production Team
Director - Ellie Montanaro
Lighting and sound - Geoff Edkins
Prompt - Wendy Tout-Hughes

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